, 2019-10-22 00:09:34
The Crafter Dropside Van

Crafter Dropside Van.

Resilient when it matters.

The Crafter Dropside Van with single or double cabin combines comfort with functionality. The double cabin provides space for up to 7 colleagues. Tools and more can be easily stored thanks to the fold-up rear bench. The robust drop side platform provides space for everything else you need on the construction site.

Destined for big things.

The Crafter Dropside Van offers a load platform of up to 9.2 m2. In addition, you can also customise it to meet your needs with a diverse range of bodies, practical storage boxes and special equipment.

Sets new standards.

The Crafter Dropside Van sets standards when it comes to the power and fuel consumption ratio. BlueMotion technology makes the vehicles even more economical.

Work can feel so good.

The Crafter Dropside Van's passenger compartment offers you every comfort: comfortably padded bench seats, practical control functions along with modern radio and navigation systems.

For even greater driving comfort.

Innovative driver assistance and safety systems support you in critical situations and help you to avoid dangers. Look forward to a true all-round talent.

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