volkswagen Teramont
volkswagen Teramont
volkswagen Teramont


The Teramont. Seats 7.

Think big and go big with the Volkswagen Teramont. Pack in the fun with loads of room for passengers, cargo, or both. And plug into serious digital connectivity, entertainment, and more. The Teramont. Seats 7. Thrills everyone.

Teramont highlights.

volkswagen teramont led tail lights


Power your way through life and tackle any terrain in this formidable Volkswagen model.


Discover how this Volkswagen can drive you beyond your comfort zone without ever compromising on elegance. 


Step into a sleek and stylish interior, specifically suited for you. 


Discover the latest Volkswagen intuitive safety and technology features designed with you in mind. 

Innovative Technology

Connect to the future with Volkswagen’s innovative features. 



Available Four-Wheel Drive